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Bookkeeping is just data until it is produced into financial statements. Accounting statements give business owners a barometer in knowing the health of the company.

Everything starts with bookkeeping. Services include accurate tracking of business expenses, assets, and revenue. We will work with you however little or as much as you need.

To a busy entrepreneur, taxes are a headache. That’s where we come in. We’ll help prepare your taxes and make sure that you are taking full advantage of current tax benefits.

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Absolutely THE Best!

I have gone through several tax accountants. To each one, I said the same thing, “I don’t understand why my taxes each year seem so high compared to other business owners I speak to. Could you please look and see if there is anything wrong?” Maxine and The Balance Sheet was the FIRST to look and see that there was something wrong. She SAVED MY TIME by calling the IRS for me to discover my Tax ID was set up incorrectly. What a lifesaver!! Sadly, I cannot go back and change past years, but she has saved me thousands of dollars of overpaying taxes. LITERALLY. I recommend her to EVERYONE! My business is running better with her accounting services.

Elizabeth Varian, Webmaster For Hire
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