As a professional service provider, applying effective tax strategies can help you meet your financial goals. While you may feel too busy with the demands of your practice, it’s crucial that you take the time to plan your tax strategy.

Here are 5 top tax planning strategies that will help you accomplish your business and financial goals this year:

1. Maximize your deductions

If you’re claiming itemized deductions, you may be able to take advantage of the Net Operating Loss Carryover, if available. Keep in mind that the Net Operating Loss Carryover must be clearly shown on prior income tax returns and financial statements. You can claim your Net Operating Loss Carryover within three years of from the year in which the loss was incurred.

2.Leverage your tax credits

Tax credits are for things like energy, offering medical insurance, and more.  To fully leverage your tax credits, you need a knowledgeable tax professional to let you know what credits apply to your business. Feel free to contact us, we’re eager to help.

Corporate income losses from prior years may be used as credits against your income tax due. Losses can either carry back 2 prior years or carry forward for 20 years. Consult with your tax professional on the best strategy for you.

3.Get Charitable

If you’ve made charitable contributions to accredited institutions, you may be able to deduct these fully. However, in order to claim your charitable contributions, you may have to provide a Certificate of Donation. Any time a donation is over $250 a statement is required.

4.Mind your excess income tax payments

If you’ve overpaid your income tax, you may be able to apply that tax credit to the following year or receive a refund. Keep in mind the option to carry over is irrevocable.

5.Track your unappropriated retained earnings

Unappropriated retained earnings refer to the net income that has not been allocated as income to its shareholders or officers. They are usually distributed as dividends and taxable at that time. Timing of distribution can affect your tax bill.

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