About Maxine Taylor

Maxine discovered her innate talent over twenty-six years ago and dove in wholeheartedly to develop herself as a well-rounded bookkeeping and accounting professional.

Since 1988, she has kept current with regular continued education courses in accounting and tax. She became an enrolled agent with the IRS so that she could assist her clients in preparing their taxes and represent them, if needed. She puts her knowledge into practice supporting small to mid-size businesses.

She developed her business to be a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs. Her intention is to assist them from setup to tax savings, so that they have an accurate knowledge of the health of their business.

Maxine prides herself on her speed, accuracy, and high integrity. She’s developed long-term relationships with many of her clients and holds herself to a high standard of quality. There is more than just a good work ethic underlying her approach; Maxine is passionate about her role in the development of her clients’ finances.

“Armed with accurate records of past and current books, clients are better able to make projections and financial decisions for their businesses.”

About Angelica Arroyo

Over the course of her life, Angelica Arroyo, has been aiming to please. After graduating from PBG High School, she hopped into the customer service & food industry. Steadily climbing her way up from cashier to barista to Assistant Manager. Eager to broaden her horizons, she pursued an administrative position in an accounting firm. Loving it encouraged her to take a course in bookkeeping, igniting a whole new passion for numbers. She enjoys building connections with others, adding value to those that she meets. You can find her at the front desk of The Balance Sheet, Inc. awaiting to greet you.