Every successful business needs a way to keep track of its financial transactions and activities. As a business owner or manager, you benefit tremendously from having a reliable tracking system. It lays the groundwork for financial statements and preparing taxes. In addition, accurate bookkeeping may save your business from wasteful spending and promote integrity, accountability, and foresight in keeping the interests of the business in mind.

At The Balance Sheet, we know bookkeeping IS your business’ financial foundation. Your bookkeeping creates your business’ accounting reports that highlight any areas that need work or that are working well. In this way, bookkeeping can act like a “canary in a mine” and warn you of financial danger or it can provide peace of mind in knowing that things are progressing as they should.

We’ve kept that aim in mind when we designed our bookkeeping services. We tailor what we do to fit your needs. We have the capabilities of collecting, storing, organizing and/or accessing remote financial data for your business.

The Balance Sheet is dedicated to enabling you, the business owner or manager, to focus your efforts and the efforts of your employees towards what makes your business unique and profitable. By allowing us to take over the minutia of financial tracking, you’ll:

  • Save money. Instead of incurring the expenses associated with hiring or using an employee, you’ll pay us only for the time we spend on your records.
  • Save time. You’ll free up your time, or that of your employee, to work on generating new business or managing your own services and goods.
  • Gain expertise. We know bookkeeping. Your expertise lies elsewhere. By securing our services, you’ll be securing our bookkeeping experience and knowledge.
  • Gain financial confidence. You can have confidence that we are tracking your financial records. These records help you know the financial status of your business. This, in turn, can give you confidence in your growth and knowledge of areas to improve.
  • Have trust in confidentiality. We take our bookkeeping responsibilities very seriously. We treat all of your information confidentially and have safeguards in place to protect that information.
  • Have a trusted partner. We consider ourselves on the same team with our clients. We want their businesses to succeed and do our part to enable them. When you join with our firm, you can trust that we will work for your business’ profitability.

Some Available Bookkeeping Services:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

  • Annually

  • As Needed

  • Payroll

  • Accounts Payables

  • Accounts Receivables

  • Financial Statements

  • General Ledger

If you are in need of accurate, timely, and complete bookkeeping services, please contact us.