The Balance Sheet offers tax services in addition to our bookkeeping and accounting services. As you may expect, this involves preparing and filing forms, strategic tax planning for you and your business, and audit assistance, if needed. We are enrolled by the federal government to represent you before the IRS if you are dealing with an audit or collections.

If you fall under one of the following categories, you should consider contacting us and seeing how our tax services will help you.

  • You do not enjoy preparing your taxes. We went into this business because we enjoy the work and are talented at it. Let us take it off your hands.
  • You find preparing your taxes time consuming, stressful, and/or confusing. Let’s face it; there are tax professionals for a reason. When you secure our services, we take on the time and stress of preparing your forms. We have the expertise and software needed to make it a more efficient process.
  • You want to ensure accuracy in your taxes. As your taxes get more complex, that’s when you look to an expert to prepare your returns. That’s primarily what we are about. We pride ourselves on accuracy in all we do.
  • You are facing a tax problem, such as back taxes, IRS debt, or are dealing with an IRS audit. We have positioned ourselves to help our clients out with tax problems. Ideally, we’d prefer to have a long-term working relationship with our clients so that we can proactively minimize the chances of these issues from occurring. However, we are prepared to represent you, should the need arise.

Some Available Tax Services:

  • Payroll Returns (i.e. W2s, 941s)
  • Individual Income
  • Business (i.e. Corporate, S-Corp, Partnership)
  • Non-Profit Returns
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Direct IRS Communication

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us for more information.